History of
Home Made Products

We are a family firm, established since 1990 and are constantly growing.

We produce a variety of pizza toppings. Our Pepperoni and Salami are made in a traditional continental style, fermented and cured to achieve quality taste and high standard.

We pride ourselves in buying cattle and having it slaughtered according to Islamic law and we do the processing and packing the meat in our factory.


All our products are produced using Halal slaughtered meats according to Islamic Law.

We pride ourselves in our products, that meet the needs of the British fast food industry.

Pizza Toppings

We produce a variety of pizza toppings which include Pepperoni and Salami and other toppings, which we make to a high standard.

Other lines include: Shredded Turkey Loaf, Diced Spicy Beef, Sliced Smoky Sausage, Plain Diced Chicken, Flavoured Diced Chicken, and Sliced Garlic Sausage.